Awkward x 2

Chocolate Box 

“Chocolates are our attempt to poke fun at the hundred year old fable about painting that dismisses the ‘retinal’ as mere eye candy. We think Marcel Duchamp’s idea is silly, that things are more complicated than that, and named our chocolates after Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s much better theory about the connection between involuntary sensations and the mind to drive our point home. When eating chocolate our senses distract our mind away from ideas by making us think only through pleasure, which certainly leaves us refreshed with a whole new approach to seriousness. Which we think quite close to what our paintings do, although they have to be looked at for much longer than it takes to eat a chocolate. So if the arguments that surround art, or even art itself, don’t interest you then we hope you may have been drawn to the chocolates by our box because if so you’ll have got the point even if you don’t care about it, which is itself something to think about perhaps…”

Awkward x 2 (Rebecca Norton and Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe), 2011


“Terrific chocolate I ever had.”

- John Baldessari, artist and dark chocolate enthusiast


“That is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!” 

- Matthew Collings, painter and critic